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Ruby (batu merah delima)



ruby is a stone that memliliki magic power that is extraordinary, that it seems there are only seven pieces worldwide, this stone is very much power, of strength, mahabah, prestige and so on, for example in one city in central java there is someone who have it, the age sudang more than 145 years old but he still indulge spserti young people, such as hoeing, looking for grass, and all other farm work, age may be the power of god but with the power of magic ruby person who holds the bullet will not penetrate perrnah even a thousand soldiers are fired at, wah wah ........ ............ yes pretty great! how much? according to the story already exists a bid 7 billion + 1 new car, but it is still too cheap in my opinion, the magic stone in the market has a price above 30 billion, hmmmm .... small stuff but big kekuatanya, that ruby

Ruby is commonly known by the name of "Rubby Sapphire". This stone is dark red and looks like blood red. Stones that are available today, larger than peanuts. In Indonesia, if we're talking about generally is imagined gemstones are two things that rock that is believed to have good luck (eg immune to stab a machete) or diamond.
The number of gemstones in the world to reach thousands of species formed from certain chemical elements based on the science of geology, but some are believed stone called the stone is said to have originated from mustika vegetation, animals etc..
Even most people in this world still believe that gemstones can influence the wearer based on birth which is implemented on the birth of stars, such as the ruby ​​is believed to be good for people born in July (Leo) .. Here we shall see little gem is said to be king of the world gemstone is Ruby or Indonesia there are people who call it Batu Merah Delima. To determine the authenticity of the Red Stone pomegranate is believed by some people is that if the stones are soaked in water, the water turns blood red and even the surrounding water can appear to be red as well.
In the past Ruby used as an alternative treatment for poison or antidote to poison, to prevent people from plague, to get rid of sorrow, to suppress the arrogant attitude, and to divert the mind from thinking to do evil even to change the metal to be gold. (Source: Brewer's Dictionary.) Even some people say ruby ​​can be used as an intermediary will be the desired goal, predicting the fate or luck in a business venture or a love for a woman or to eliminate the indifference of her lover.
For just a note, there are many myths that circulate widely in society, that ruby ​​which can give off light when placed in a glass of water, then water will be red is not really the case. Genuine ruby ​​was issued a red light when it is placed dala water but the water does not necessarily turn red. The fact is that the water actually appears to be red because of light reflection from the ruby. While the water itself remains clear in color. Often the test of authenticity and power of propagation of red light by putting a glass of water and then inserted into the ruby ​​glass, and glass are placed together and aligned straight with another glass (glass cup), it seems another glass of water in the red part.

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